Friday, 4 January 2013

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - Cherish & Honey

Haven't posted in so long! Seeing as I'm filthy rich now (not really, but I have money due to work), I found it pretty easy to splash 10 pounds on these two balm stains which were reduced to 5 pounds each.
As I've mentioned in a previous post, I am absolutely in love with my balm stain in Lovesick, and so it wasn't a big decision to get these, because I knew they would be awesome. 
I got 001 Honey and 015 Cherish, mainly because there is a really limited colour selection of these stains for some reason, seeing as in Amuuuurica there are like 10 different shades whereas I've only seen 5 here, at most. I opted out of buying the bright orange one, that will have to wait for summer. 
Some swatches on my retarded lips: 

This is Cherish. In the pictures above it looks quite sheer, and I did have to proper slap it on (compared to the dab I need with Lovesick). The pictures don't really do it justice, it's a very bubblegum pink in reality. Do I like it? Uh, well, it surprised me a little. I did always want a bubblegum pink lipstick (eying up Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday lipstick from MAC), but then realised it reeeally doesn't work with minimal makeup. Best bet would be a dark, probably smokey eye. Do I love it? Not quite. Yes it stains nicely so this is a must have for the eat/drink situations, but until I see it with a full face of slap on, I don't think this is an everyday product as I'd hoped.

  This is Honey. It turned out very nice in pictures though, sadly, in reality it's not quite as lovely. It turns out a little too dark for my lips, and I do not suit dark lips because well... I look frostbitten. I was hoping this could be a little staple nude-ish colour, but too dark for that, I'm afraid. Do I love it? No, unfortunately. The staining power cheers me up though. 

Left: Honey
Right: Cherish

I did not despair however - one is too dark, the other too bright. Logic? Combine them!
I really liked how layering them turned out: 

It turned to this frosted pink, which I really like.
All in all, I am happy but not ecstatic. It might be because I'm a bit down in the dumps lately that I don't feel happy with my purchases. 
I would recommend though, definitely, for the staying power. These will not budge!
Tip: Blot the colour and it will last you x2 as long, even when eating and drinking.

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