Monday, 3 September 2012

Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver on Natural Hair - Part 1

I've been looking around blogs and such and a few girls who have bleached their hair swear by the Touch Of Silver range - a series of violet-pigmented products that are used to banish brassiness from bleached hair to keep it cool-toned, ashy and light. I had a hard time finding any reviews of girls who have used it on natural hair as a means of giving it cool tones.
However, at the price that I got it at (£2.03 on Amazon) I thought I might as well try it out - no loss here.
I ordered the Twice a week Brightening Shampoo which is usually the more intensive treatment compared to shampoos and conditioners. The product says on it that it is specifically formulated for Grey, White or Platinum Blonde hair. I'm a warm-toned blonde (which I am thankful for - I would hate to be a mousy blonde) so I didn't really have high expectations for this product, though some hope remained.

  The bottle is sturdy and professional looking. The instructions state that you can't use this every day and should use their shampoo from the range. The shampoo itself is very purple indeed:

 It smells nice, and leaves the hair feeling pretty soft. You're supposed to leave it on for 5 minutes, but I forget how long I left it on for. It doesn't stain your hands or the shower, so that's a bonus.

Results-wise... well it's a little awkward. As you can see in the picture below, my hair went from a lighter shade to a more golden shade (no I didn't swap the pictures). I have a feeling this may be a camera trick, because it had gotten darker after I came out the shower. "In real life" I don't really see much difference at all - I DO have natural very blonde streaks and they don't look that much lighter.

oops - it seems the result it opposite...
I am hoping that with continued treatment it should work - I didn't see too many reviews which stated that it worked from the first wash, so I remain optimistic. I will update on my second and third washes.
Perhaps it doesn't really work on natural hair - chemistry wise, it could react with the deposits in the dye which are different compounds to the natural ones that cause brassiness. Most people would probably not even call my hair brassy, but, I want some blondeness in it!


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