Friday, 31 August 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review

This is going to be a happy post (shock horror) because I absolutely LOVE this product. It's sitting cosily in my "everyday favourites box" now being all happy.
I bought this for £5.99 at Boots (usual price £7.99 but it's nice to have 2 quid off), and was tempted to buy more colours but... money is an issue, even with such inexpensive gems!

I bought the colour 020 Lovesick because I luuuurve fuchsia lip colours - they're so lush and bold, without being too over-the-top. I am a little tired of understated lip colours (nude? why would you choose to look like you haven't got anything on!?) as well as heavy forumals (cough cough MAC) so I went for this.

First, the staying power of this is magical. It's a stain after all, and I am being honest here when I thought it wouldn't live up to the hype - it really did. My biggest nemesis is the two silly lines around your lips where the colour stayed and the inner side is flesh coloured - looks very 80's drag

There are no such lines with this stain - the colour stays on while eating, drinking and a lot of kissing (boyfriend was pleased). The colour is very vibrant and not drying at all because of the balm-y quality. I like to blot my lips with a tissue if I want the sheen of the balm to go and make most of the stain look.

Natural light - 1 coat

Flash - 1 coat (my lower lip resembles Sylvester Stallone's here...)

Hand swatch

The jumpo pencil-like tube is a godsend - it is so easy to apply it in a hurry and with great precision. If you want a dollop of colour, use the flat side of the "crayon" and the tip for outlining.

Natural light


All in all, I thoroughly recommend this product, even a cynic like me couldn't find a single flaw in it!


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