Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lancome Haul!

Yesterday was amazing, my mum agreed to buy me 2 Lancome products so I could get the 'free' gift that came with it - a bag full of goodies! I was super excited.

Originally I came to buy the Bi-Facil full sized makeup remover (see my other post for review), but then saw the promotion and whined to my mum to get me a second product to get the goodie bag. Thing is, I coulnd't really get something 'cheap-ish' because the cheapest thing was a Juicy Tube and that is a whopping £15.50 (totally not worth it, IMO). We were just about to leave when mum finally agreed to buy me anything I wanted (well, needed) so somehow I ended up with a £27.00 Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in my bag - I thought I was going to faint.

It looks so expensive $_$

   Above are all the products that I got that day (some in original packaging).
  • I got a full sized Tonique Douceur which, if I'm being honest, isn't anything great. My Neautrogena face tonic is way better and albeit this smells nice and feels luxurious, it's cleaning properties (or any others it may have) aren't really up to scratch. 
  • A sample sized Bi-Facil - always a pleasant treat! 
  • 2 Sample-sized creams - Hydra Zen Neurocalm / Hydra Zen Nuit Neurocalm. These smell absolutely gorgeous and feel very nice on the skin - they're very hydrating and I love them, but not their sample size OR price. They're definitely overpriced - but to be honest, all Lancome creams are.
  • Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Corrector - this I have nothing to say about, even if I did try it out. All these science-y names are only there to make you feel like some magic compound is in there. Being someone who knows her chemistry, I can tell you it doesn't do any miracles, and for the price they drive it at, you might as well use Vaseline. The sample tube is tiny so I'll probably only use it when I'm going out. 
  • Another tiny sample sized product: Génifique Concentrated Youth Activator. The name is hilarious - clearly we all have youth 'locked up' inside us that needs to be activated with this......not. A standard cream for a very big price - again, stick to Vaseline. 
  • Finally, something I'm really happy is the mini Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow Electro. There was a choice between this and a bright red lipstick, but luckily I got this - I don't suit red aaaaat all. This is a neutral, sparkly colour which I have been looking for for a while but never buying because to be honest, I really don't like lip gloss, though I do need it over some dryer lipsticks. Be warned, it IS sticky so if you can't handle it, don't bother. :)
  • A sample of 'La vie est belle' perfume which, if you ask me, smells pretty similar to their Hypnose perfume (looks identical colourwise as well). It's a very nice smell, very Lancome, nothing too extravagant though.  
  • Last 'freebie' is Hypnose Mascara, which I already own and which isn't really that brilliant with my stumpy little excuses for lashes.  
Foundation and samples unboxed

So all in all, as I review this I realise that it wasn't really worth the money as such... but then I realise that I have the Teint Idole foundation and am back to being a very happy bunny. I will review it in another post, but from I tried so far - I am absolutely in love!  


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