Thursday, 2 August 2012

ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour - Review

I've owned the three original shades for quite a long time now, actually, but never really got my hands on the keyboard to review them because... well you'll find out why.

I own three shades - Tea Rose, Coral and Natural. I took a hand swatch but lost it and have no energy to take another one at the moment, so I hope lip swatches will suffice.

Tea Rose - a purple-pink sort of shade, looks darker on lips that in the swatches below. Quite a nice colour if you know how to work it, and works best with a gloss.

Tea Rose - no gloss
Tea Rose with clear gloss - magically becomes more pink

Natural - in the pictures below it looks really similar to Tea Rose... it really isn't. Tea Rose's purple sheen is difficult to capture on camera, and you should be aware of it if you are to purchase it.

Natural - no gloss

Natural - gloss
Notice how after gloss is applied the colour becomes leaky and broken.

Coral - my definite favourite of the three, colour-wise

Coral - no gloss

It upsets me greately that such a great colour is of such a bad quality. This is what stopped me from a. wearing and b. posting about these matte lip colours because due to their dryness and low-ish quality they are just not wearable!
The colour 'cracks' near the moist area of the lip (whats the right term for that effect anyway?) and the colour is flaky if the lips are not in top condition. They are matte, yes, but that takes away all the moisture from the lips, so you have to top with a gloss or balm, which ruins the matte idea anyway?! 
Even with top ups of colour, it doesn't last at all and the dry flakiness is unavoidable - even if you are willing to sacrifice not looking perfectly-sculpted.

Thus, I don't think I would recommend these products, especially to those with dry lips. If you are not really fussy about the dry look around the inner edges of the mouth (beware, they're very noticeable when you talk!) then go ahead and try this - I got mine on sale for £1.50 each, so not a terrible loss. It's such a shame though, because I absolutely love the colours. I might even attempt to wear Coral out, but I'd have to be feeling pretty adventerous. 


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