Friday, 24 August 2012

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Review

Heard lots of good thing about this concealer so I don't really know why I postponed buying it for so long... Collection 2000 (they renamed it 'Collection' but I will stick the 2000 on the end forever!) had a "everything under £4" promotion, but I didn't have much money with me so I didn't go all out (thank god).  My shade is #1 Fair.

Where to start..... I absolutely love this. This is now on top of my everyday makeup routine, it's a staple item  and I regret not buying it earlier. Now for more detail:

Consistency: Definitely on the thicker side. It is best to apply this one spot at a time: apply, blend, apply, blend. I tried dotting my whole face and then blending, but it became difficult, as it is actually quite thick and dries swiftly.

Coverage: Medium-Full. I say this based on my medium-full coverage MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer, and this does almost the same if not better job. Extremely useful to hide redness (which I have a lot of), less so on spots and blemishes, though still a very good job.

Packaging:  I think it's perfect. I am always a fan of a sleek tube with an applicator over a 'tub', even though fingers get dirty anyway (I don't really feel like investing in a concealer brush... I value my products too much). The sponge applicator wand is very helpful, and excess can always be returned to the tube.

Aesthetics: by this I mean smell, but I don't think that should have its own section... but I digress. I absolutely love that this is 100% odourless. No sickly chemical smell, or even worse - heavily perfumed paste. Eww.

Price: Need I explain? 130% value for money!

my bare skin...ewww.
Verdict: a definite drugstore gem, and something you should definitely invest in. Only downside is that people with certain skintones won't find their matches (hooray for always being the palest shade of any brand!) as there are only 4 colours and they're all for white skin.

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