Friday, 14 September 2012

ALERT! Fake Benefit products on EBAY

You might say "What did you expect from ebay?" but I fell into the trap that many others fell into.

I purchased a Benefit They're Real Mascara from a certain seller whom I won't mention, who claimed on the product name that it was "100% Genuine Benefit". Because I had a successful purchase just a day before on ebay (a No 7 mascara) I thought - might as well go for it. 

The package arrived in a grey plastic bag - when I opened it I found that the box package is 
a) flattened
b) dirty and looks used around the sides.

The second I saw the tube itself I knew something was wrong. The problem is that I've never really looked at the real mascara packaging in the authentic form, but quite a bit of experience with luxury makeup has led me to be on high alert immediately. 

The cap of the tube was bent! In the picture above you can see it leaning to the right - it's even more pronounced in person. The whole tube also felt really light and cheap. I couldn't say anything about the writing but you can just tell. 
Next, I decided to open the evil thing, and thing's didn't look any better...

Anyone who has seen the real benefit mascara, be it online or in store would immediately know that this is definitely NOT the right brush. The brush advertised has much longer bristles as well as a small "ball" of bristles on the tip. This brush is... well, just look at it. I didn't put that anywhere near my eye - the formula was runny and looked like molten play-doh.

The brush was also bent, and extremely flimsy - bending it would actually probably cause detachment from the wand.
I immediately put the wand back in the tube, and requested a refund on ebay. Because I was so annoyed by this, my request wasn't one of the most polite ones, but I felt very much tricked: especially by the "100% genuine" title. The price I paid was £7.99 instead of £18.50, which actually isn't that cheap - I requested to have my money back and brought it to the attention of the seller that the product was a fake. I sent the product back, having had to pay for the postage myself, and waited for about 5 days when I started getting a little agitated. I contacted the seller again and received my refund, after leaving negative feedback on the product. I requested a refund on the 3rd of September and got my money back on the 11th.  

I hope this warns some people not to make the same mistake because not all sellers are going to refund you, especially if you don't check out their returns policy beforehand or if you're a first time buyer. I was disappointed also because I wanted to try this mascara out but oh well - at least I didn't waste more money on a mascara! 
Please be aware of fake items on ebay, in fact, avoid them. If you are looking for a bargain, the chance of you finding an authentic product on ebay is very small. Apart form that, I love that website 


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