Saturday, 14 July 2012

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover - Review

I should probably read reviews before buying things, but I find that making my own mistakes (and wasting tonnes of money in the process) just does it better for me.
The reviews for this product are so-so and I see why. For 100ml it is at £14.00 (changed from the way more appealing £13.50) which isn't a total rip off. The Lancome Bi-Facil I've been eying up is is at a round £20 at Boots which seems a little out of reach, but actually, it is worth it.

 The consistency is obviously too watery to get off the tough waterproof mascara that I own. It's non oily, but that is only a plus for those obsessed with feeling squeaky clean (can't you just wash your eyes with water afterwards, eh?) - oil usually means cleaning strength.
There really isn't much t say about this except it basks in mediocrity, and though it probably works better than your drug store counterparts, its not worth it so I wouldn't repurchase.
At least the colour is pretty.


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