Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sally Hansen Haul & Review [Long Post + Picture Heavy]

I am currently sitting with my feet soaking in a bath of warm water under my desk... it burns because I have tortured my poor feet in heels/horrible shoes all weekend (prom, formal dinner etc...) and so every sore bump is whining.
The reason I am doing that is so that I can finally use all the Sally Hansen stuff I've bought :)

Salon French Manicure Kit

It promises French Nails in "2 easy steps" - I didn't really believe that but the concept of colour in pen form seemed attractive enough to purchase. 

The brush tips also seemed promising and the sleek packaging certainly attractive but...

Excuse the awful state of my nails...
The white tip pen was very good - colour came out very fluidly, it has an almost Tippex-y consistency and gives a very harsh white edge. The packaging then suggested putting the pink colour over the whole nail... this is where the distaster began.
Firstly, the colour is not pink but a dirty, orange-y yellow. It makes the white tip look yellow and disgusting. The colour is very difficult to get out of the brush-pen. All in all a disaster. If you do want the "French tip" you might as well buy a pink base and use it with the pen, but the set as a whole is not worth it. 

 These were bought together, because I have awful cuticles and wanted tot try sort them out

Cuticle Massage Cream

 I had high hopes for this little tub because it's compact and thought it would be as moisturising as it says... So far, I'm disappointed. It refuses to dry, leaving orange lines inside the cuticles. It remains sticky and so any bit of fluff in the room sticks to it!
When I tried to get product out, well, I could only get a little bit and to be honest it didn't moisturise the cuticles as such - I much prefer my Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Cuticle Creme way more. I've only used it twice now so I might change my mind but... that's unlikely. It smells really good though.  

Cuticle Trimmer + Nail Clipper
This is a very good product - I am liking this very much! It makes cutting off excess skin SO much easier and reduces the chances of drawing blood with scissors (ouch) :( I had to figure out how to use it but once you get the hang of it, it's so so so helpful. Would definitely recommend this!!

 Never thought I'd be raving about a nail clipper! I have always been of the opinion that this device is for clumsy men and women who don't really 'do' nails. However I cannot stress enough how useful it is - on the go especially. This is going straight into my permanent make up bag. I would suggest investing in one - and it has a little nail file on the end, too! 

Diamond Radiance Hand and Cuticle Polish

 I haven't really had time to try this out but from my first application I doubt it'll be very good... It is a "polish" so basically it means it has small grains in it (pahahaha "micronised diamond powder", right). They say keep it on for 60 seconds and then wash it off, and apply weekly. I don't like the concept of applying creams "once every ____" anyway, I like to use them whenever I want to. I will try this out and maybe update on it, but that's unlikely because it probably won't do anything.

I do realise I sound negative, but this is my opinion on these things and it happens to be sour and moody :P

:) x

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