Sunday, 3 June 2012

NOTD - Barry M 'Peach Melba'

I was SO excited to try this colour for a while now (ever since the sun cam out, actually) and I have to say I've never been this disappointed. :(
A gorgeous peachy colour - its perfect for summer and corals and reds and just adding that hint of sunshine to your nails without looking trashy. Almost perfect... until you try to apply it. :/

1. Literal definition of GLOOPY. It's so thick - and not nice thick. Disgusting thick that dries too quickly to be able to go higher up the nail (do not mistake this for it being fast-drying! It really isn't).
2. Needs at least 3 coats to give an even colour. Which leads to:
3. Dries for about 10 YEARS.
4. Is merciless when it comes to cracks or nail unevenness.

For such a gorgeous shade, the application was such a disappointment. Barry M seem to have this segregation in their nail polishes - some are amazing in both application and colour. Some are just awful at application - the colours are always incredible though, and that's what lures us into the trap :(

The next time I'll be taking this out is when I have 2 hours and a lot of patience to spare! Perhaps I just got a strange bottle - that happens sometimes. Do give it a try and see if it works for you.


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  1. Foarte draguta oja :X kisses
    Te astept pe blogul meu :*