Saturday, 2 June 2012

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter Review

There's been a hype about these and they've been all over my local Boots/Superdrug so I thought why not?
In the advert, Emma Stone is wearing this orangey-coraly colour that looks so lush ♥ (except I don't really like her). The Internet tells me she is wearing Peach Parfait - when I saw it, I thought it was a little muted and not very fun so...
...I decided I got tired of my pinks and went for the extreme - the lip butter in #15 Tutti Frutti - it is SO orange in the case:
  I was a bit like "ohmygod WHAT HAVE I DONE?" after I opened it and saw the orange hue but was so excited to try it on that I put it on at the bus stop...
nail polish is Barry M Peach Melba (review coming soon)
As you can see it's not as orange as the case - but you can make it that colour by adding a lot of it on. I luuuurve this stuff. 

Colour payoff: surprisingly rich. One swipe gives a peachy glow, two make it more orangey, three make it true to the tube colour. Not something I expected off a "lip butter"
Texture: smoooooooooth. Soft and silky, a little on the slippery side. 
Hydration: this is what they are playing at in the advert - one of the key aspects of this is that is supposed to be very hydrating and..... *drumroll*... it really IS. It's very balmy - it definitely doesn't feel like a lipstick. You kinda want to put it on whenever you have dry lips, it's that good. 
Durability: a little downside. It really doesn't last very long, needs kinda once-an-hour touchups - again, like a balm rather than a lipstick. Sometimes I feel like I've just eaten it all off my lips (ewwww) because the smoothness just fades away. Good thing being, though, that it doesn't stain - you don't get those nasty lines of colour around the edges of your lips. 
Overall: definite fave. I was really surprised that it complimented my skin colour and didn't look ridiculous - YES, it does look a little unusual and takes some getting used to, but is worth it!

One this I was a bit :( about is the fact that it is 100% unscented. I know it's better 'cause there are less chemicals but if you call something Tutti Frutti and give it a playful candy-orange colour, AT LEAST MAKE IT SMELL LIKE CANDY. :( 


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