Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thoughts / Mini blog rant...

I started this blog as a means of self-expression and also due to the growing size of my makeup collection. Having been looking though many beauty blogs, I was inspired to write my own.
Things aren't, however, as rosy as that. 
Even though I may say that this is a 'space which I use to express my opinions', there is also the element of readability. I am not someone who likes talking to walls and sometimes the lack of followers or page views gets me down far enough for me to stop posting. If I don't know whether people read this, it doesn't particularly encourage me to write.
Another thing which doesn't help is when I look at other people's blogs and the mad number of followers they have - with, arguably, mediocre content (at best). Call me a cynic (which I am) but I generally don't understand how or why they have so many people reading their posts.
It is no rare occurance to see shameless self-promotion in the comments sections of popular (or even unpopular) blogs where a usually daft comment is followed by the likes of "comment on my blog plz! xox". The thought of this makes me ill. I don't want to beg people to look at my blog - yet that seems to be the, I guess, only option to get noticed by other people. Most of my views come from people Googling some of the products in my FOTDs, which isn't very many (but very, very welcome nonetheless).  I have thought about posting such comments, but my pride won't let me.
Following the example of another blogger, I removed my followers count because to us, it seems that low number of followers = bad blog content. Though I can't really say my content is brilliant, as it is usually full of dislike for the product, although I do try to cover every aspect of it so that if I were a reader, my curiosity would be satisfied.
A little voice tells me that the more posts I do, the more likely it is people will find and read them. Then again, I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment (surprise!) and I am not inspired in the slightest - even though I have tonnes of new products to review.
Another aspect is taking photos. I seem to have absolutely no place in this darn (pardon my French) house where I could take a decent, quick photograph. I have no white surfaces! And no white surfaces shouldn't be the end of the world, but it seems to be. Wherever I take a picture, it looks grotesquely amateur and not something I would click when browsing Google Images. This is actually the major physical reason for my lack of motivation to post. 
To wrap up, I don't think anyone is actually going to read this (if you do, please do comment, it would be a blast), but I guess if this is my "space to think", I might as well use it.
I will try my best to make the blog more professional (somehow) and have my fingers crossed to be noticed! 

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