Saturday, 14 January 2012

A few make-up removers

Yesterday I went to Superdrug to buy some make up remover because I ran out.
I own a few bottles of quite diverse stuff - each has its own purpose.

Usually, to remove eye make up I use the L'Oréal Gentle Eye Make-Up remover:
The formula is watery. I apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and use it to wipe my eyes.

The good: it is watery, and I also use it when I haven't got any make up on my eyes to wipe any muck or oil off before going to bed. It is quite refreshing and has a pleasant fragance.
It does not irritate my eyes and does not make them sting afterwards, so I would say it is suitable for sensitive eyes. 

The not-so-good: after trying out some other make-up removers, I realised that it really isn't good at what it does. When I don't have extremely light make up on (i.e. literally no eyeliner or mascara), it struggles to remove any of it! Especially khol and pencil eyeliners: it completely refuses to get rid of it. For that purpose, it has about the same effect as pure water.
Verdict: I actually realised that I only use this as eye "toner" i.e. a refreshing wipe before going to sleep. It is not very good at removing make up, but I would repurchase it as a necessity when I don't want to soap my eyes for no reason.
This usually costs £3.77 for 125mL in Superdrug, so it is a very cheap product and is worth owning.  

Yesterday, I bought Olay Eye Make Up Remover for normal/dry/combination skin. This was a new thing for me because it is a cream formula. The packaging is a tube and looks like an ordinary hand cream tube:
The instructions on the back were to "apply a small amount to fingertip and very gently massage the eyelids and lashes" and then remove with cotton wool. Yeah, that never happened. The formula was actually really creamy and I was not going to put it on my fingers - it would get under nails etc. 
So I put a generous amount on my hand, picked up some with a cotton disc and went to my eyes. 

The good: Pretty much everything. It was a pleasant surprise: I expected cream eye makeup removers to make me wash them off with water and I certainly didn't want that. The cream formula glides effortlessly on lids and doesn't tug like some liquid make up removers do. For instance, even if I have to rub my eyelashes to get rid of mascara, the cream lubricates the area and no pain is experienced. 
The removing quality is also good, it got rid of most of the make up on my eyes leaving small traces that I then removed with a liquid remover.         

The not-so-good: It stung a bit afterwards, in the inner corner of my eyes. I have experienced this with other removers, but I think this time it was because I didn't remove all of it with the cotton pad. Make sure you do! Verdict: for the ridiculous price of £1.25 (on sale), this thing is very much worth owning! I would recommend it, and will see how it goes from here (I might go off it...)   
 Another product that I picked up was the Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Make-up Remover for normal to combination skin. The usual green Garnier bottle with a lime coloured liquid inside. 
The formula is similar to that of the L'Oréal remover and it does a pretty similar job. It is refreshing and has a pleasant smell, though not one I expected, seeing as for some reason I thought it would smell like something out of their Fructis range... I don't know. 

Verdict: Worth buying for the price (£1.50) as a refrshing eye toner, but make-up removal quality is so-so.
That's it for now... :)

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