Thursday, 26 January 2012

Behind Blue Eyes...

This is a sort of FOTD/product review post... on everything BLUE. 

When I first started using make-up, I was obviously really oblivious to good and bad brands and a complete newbie at applying it (sweet mother of God, was it awful).
So I invested in very cheap brands from my local (ish) Superdrug... a notable one being 2true ( This is, however, a brand that stuck with me until now :)

My utterly most favourite coloured mascara is the 2true Instant Colour Mascara in Azure. I have since purchased other blue-ish mascaras e.g. Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Waterproof Mascara in #03 Blue and Urban Decay Big Fatty Coloured Mascara in Indigo. These will probably reviewed at a later stage.

My other two favourites are their Eyeliner Dazzlers in Shades 9 and 2 (I think those are the shades). These are very pretty glittery liquid eyeliners, but require quite a few coats for proper looks. I always layer them and usually wear them with blue-eye looks: silver on the bottom, blue on top. Works a wonder. :)  

FOTD (more like EyesOTD)

So, in conclusion, I do love some stuff from 2true and blue is one of my favourite eye looks, but don't over do it, especially for times like work or school! :)

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