Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sleek i-divine eyeshadow palette - Sunset

The rave about Sleek palettes is justified - they have extremely pigmented colours for a very affordable price (£6.45 I think...). I used to own one before, but I wasn't very good with make up so I ended up ruining it and throwing it away (idiot, I know).

The palette that I got is the Sunset palette - the colours that appealed me most out of their other palettes (Bad Girl was a little dark, and god forbid I buy the Acid palette - only to a neon party!)
The colours represent the sky at dusk, sand and water and all in all - I love it.

  • They're pigmented
  • They're amazing colours - so many combinations can be made
  • They're quite opaque, best worn with primer 
  • They are not ridiculously over priced!
  • They're very blendable

The outer packaging:
 Its a simple black sort of box typical of Sleek.

 The palette itself

The colours: 

The palette usually has named for the shades but the little plastic-y thing was missing so unfortunately I can't name them all.

The above are the swatches on my hand. The palette is pretty neutral in it's tones - not the usual bright colours that I own. The very helpful black matte shade is in the top left corner - I use it as a shadow on the crease with any colour, works magic. 
The colours certainly resemble sunset - the combination of soft pinks oranges and a blue to repserent sun sand and sea - I love it :)

There are a lot of looks that can be created, and I have only explored a little number of them so far: 

This look is done using the pink-ish colours from both rows.
 Blended the blue and the yellow  with a bit of black. [No mascara]
A brown look without a black shadow [No mascara].

There are endless possibilities with this, I just don't have the time!
Always remember to use an eyeshadow primer!


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