Tuesday, 22 May 2012

2 makeup tool DON'Ts

I am always in a rush and never want to take my time with things and sometimes... it costs me dearly. I thought I'd share with you two things you should NOT do to avoid the mistakes:

1. Do NOT blow dry your brushes
Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it was a tempting idea when I needed them and they were freshly washed. Tempting turned into stupid... disastrous results. I blow-dried my beloved elf stipple brush and QVC foundation brush - see the results below:

notice the shriveled bristles in the middle
The reason why this happened is because the fibres are probably polyethylene or another polymer of some sort which do not withstand high temperatures.
The result is that the stipple brush, which I loved for its unbelievable softness, is not not as soft... it's not as bad as my foundation brush though, which literally SCRATCHES my face now :/ I use my fingers and sponges for foundations.... ewww.

There's a line to stupidity - but here I am warning those who care to be warned: DO NOT BLOW DRY YOUR BRUSHES. LET THEM DRY NATURALLY. Or at least try to towel dry them or squeeze all the water out.

2. Do NOT use nail varnish remover to remove eyelash glue.
This, again, sounds stupid but... they completely fell apart in my hands. This is probably because the glue that actually connected the eyelashes to the rubber band was dissolved as well - it looked like a bird died in my hands. My poor Eyelure Double Lashes are now history.
Always carefully use tweezers to peel off the glue - be careful not to peel off the rubber band to which the eyelashes are attached!

Hope no one else is as silly as me

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