Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Review

I got this mascara in Debenhams (link) on sale (of course!) alongside a sample size Bi-Facil Makeup Remover and a Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner (which is, by the way, absolutely USELESS). It was some ridiculous reduction in price so I persuaded mum to buy it - score!

Anyways on to the review...
Sleek packaging in a typical silver Lancome box  and a chunky tube of a curved design

The formula is quite creamy - I was suspicious when I opened it as it was a little too creamy, which is more often than not an indicator of lack of curling action. The website states:

"Instant lash coating with immediate load thanks to a new formula which gives intense volume to the look of lashes"

Uhhhh... can't say I agree. Not much volume was produced and it was kind of clumpy. I've noticed with Lancome mascaras (I've owned 3), they tend to clump a lot and also there is quite a bit of fall out.  
"S-shaped" brush they're so proud of...

 More from the website...

 "New curvaceous oversized brush gives full lash contact for dramatically fuller and thicker looking lashes"

The only thing that I found the brush did was get on my eyelids and ruin my 30-minute cut-crease shadow design. It's humongous, and certainly isn't formulated to reach those tiny useless lashes in the corners of the eye. The tip is too thick to try and touch up the little lashes and ends up depositing a bucket of black on one tiny eyelash i.e. CLUMPS and SMEARS!

Comparison of Drama with Precious Cells - notice the difference in brush size

 I find that Precious Cells is easier to use for the small eyelashes (wait, all of mine are small... :/) - but still clumps! Oh Lancome. This is what Hypnose Drama looks on my silly eyelashes:

Notice some fall out around the bottom lashes, and almost bear lower lashes after ~8 hours wear

No curl - almost no length, and a significant lack of volume. It's very black, I'll give it that, but apart from that, nothing special.
Conclusion - if you see it reduced, I would suggest getting it, another luxury mascara won't harm you, but I wouldn't recommend buying this at full price  - a waste of money, in my case anyway. Bear in mind I have very straight eyelashes and only found one or two formulas of mascara that actually hold a curl in my lashes.


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