Monday, 13 February 2012

MAC Lipstick Review - Speak Louder

I couldn't resist buying the MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Speak Louder using the code PIGGY on the MAC ( website for free delivery! 

I've wanted a pink-y lipstick from mac for a long time and so decided to get it. It is £13.50 from the MAC website, which isn't as pricey as I thought it would be, but still not an everyday purchase :P
I looked at some colours online and be warned - the colours on the Internet rarely look like they do in reality. I am not disappointed, but be careful or you might be!

It's my first MAC lipstick so I was obviously excited about the packaging as well as the product (yay professionalism). A simple black box, but feels like quality in your hands. The lipstick itself is in a bullet shaped case - it looks smaller than usual cases but the amount of product is roughly the same.

Texture: much more opaque than cheaper lipsticks. It is a little heavy and not as hydrating on the lips. It's a creamier formula and more pigmented than my other lipsticks. 

Durability: I actually tried it out at my party last night and it lasted pretty well - especially with drinking etc. It stains - i.e. its durability is due to it holding on to the lips, and because it is a darker colour, these are visible lines on the top and bottom of the lip when it has rubbed off, so some blending or topping up is required. All in all, much better lasting than my other lipsticks.

Feathering: Almost none!

Colour:  as mentioned above, the colour is a little intense - I would probably go for a pinker shade next time, e.g. Saint Germain or Pink Noveau. 

Verdict: Very nice, a little heavy, not very hydrating, stains a bit, durable, pigmented colour. 


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  1. Such a pretty color=) I love it, looks amazing<3