Thursday, 9 February 2012

Too Faced - Wild Thing Collection!

This little set is one of the best purchases I've ever made - I will forever bang on about the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, which is part of this little gorgeous bag. 
In the UK, we have a store called TK Maxx ( which sells branded products for (often) ridiculous prices. So one day I stroll in and causally find a Too Faced Wild Thing set - for £12.99!!!!!!!!!!! The RPP is aparently "over £80" but I've found it online for £26... Still, that is a bargain and a half! 

Anyhooooo, this is what was inside: 

Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face primer (5g)
 This little baby is sample sized - so not too much product, but I'm coping. I use it under my eyes and in my t-zone. The purpose really is to eliminate any shine that my Elf Mineral Primer doesn't succeed in eliminating. The formula is velvety and non-greasy. All in all, if I have the money, I would purchase the full sized product! 

Lash Injection Pinpoint in Hot Chocolate   

I was a little weary of this at first because I never thought of brown mascaras as something up my street. However, I overcame my prejudice - and am I glad I did! 
I was often advised to wear brown mascara because of my blue eyes and how it should bring them out and blah blah blah  but I never tried it - I wouldn't say it brings out anything but its a hell of a good mascara. 
The wand is as it says on the packaging  - pinpoint. It is very small, and for comparison's sake, here's a photo next to Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara:

  Neat, huh? It certainly allows very easy access to those tiny troublesome lashes and deposits a nice amount of product on each.

I don't find it to be clumpy - there is a small problem with the product drying up on the side of the tube when I dry excess, but the brush is fine, although I do worry for how long it will last.
Lip Bronzer in Sun Bunny
A beautiful little gloss with high shine - a brown-y colour that is, however, suitable for paler skin tones, too. The formula is creamy, and not too heavy (compared to other lip glosses). The most prominent feature that it SMELLS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It smells like a mixture of vanilla & chocolate and is just a little piece of heaven. It also tastes sweet - hooray for non-chemically tastes for lip glosses. 
The colour deposited isn't necessarily brown - as seen above, it gives a golden-pink sort of sheen.

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder
I am taking this product with me to the grave. It is worth every penny you'll pay for it!
First, it smells like chocolate. As in PROPER chocolatey, beautiful smell. And no, it doesn't linger on the skin, neither is it strong, but just enough when you apply it. I keep giving it to everyone to smell because it is THAT amazing! 
Second, the texture is amazing. With the right brush (a good blush brush or preferrably a stipple brush) you can create a gorgeous contour or a blurred-out tan. It is so versatile, and super blendable!
Third, it is my constant compact mirror. The case is a sleek and cute black & pink and the writing on the mirror says "Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?" Little self-esteem boost there :)

      Not the best representation - this is after a whole day of wear (so it lasts long as well!)
All in all this is my good little friend - not one that I would have ever expected, however. They always go on about pale people using pinks for blusher and not bronzer - well, think again! 

Wild Thing Make Up Clutch 

This is actually my permanent make up bag that I carry around with me at all times - before I got this baby I carried all my make-up in pockets in my bag on principle - all the other make up bags just were not good enough! With the purchase of this, I am now forever hooked. 
It is furry and leopard print on the outside and bright pink inside - and of very high quality! It is more like a pouch and doesn't have a zip, but that doesn't hinder it, and in fact, I prefer the lack of zip.  

This took long, but I hope this worked - I recommend all of these products! It is most probable that you will not come across the whole set, but if you see the products separately, buy them!! 

:) x

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