Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NOTD: Valentine's Day Nails! [How-to]

Seeing as I will be spending this day alone [ :( ], I decided to cheer myself up by doing a little Valentine's Day inspired nail look! 
It was very simple to do, just requires patience and a steady hand!

Products to use:
  • A white nail polish 
  • Some red glitter flakes or gems (flakes work better because gems are more bulky)
  • Clear nail polish
  • Sparkle top coat (optional)
Start by putting a base coat on your nails. This will make your polish last longer and will protect your nails from staining. I used Barry M Base coat, Top coat and Nail hardener.  

Then apply a white nail polish - as many coats as desired but try to make them look opaque (you don't want thin white polish - it looks like you Tippex-ed your nails!)

Lay out your red gems or flakes - they will be easier to pick up if they're spread out. Let your white polish dry. Apply another coat of your clear polish and immediately pick up a gem/flake with some tweezers. To make this easier, put a tiny amount of clear polish on the end of ONE tweezer side to pick up the flakes - they will stick to it. DON'T try to pick them up by actually TWEEZING them!
You can quickly stick them to the nail (before the top coat dries) or I prefer to put some polish on individual flakes to make them stick better - this is a lot of effort, but worth it!

Lay out your flakes in your desired shape - I chose hearts! They didn't turn out perfect, but the effect was achieved.

After you've laid out the hearts, give the nails a coat of clear topcoat and an optional glitter topcoat for extra bling!

You're done! 



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  3. Hey Doll!
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